Sunday, April 7, 2013

Photo Exhibit for The Camel Saloon

The Bolivian photo exhibit I did for The Camel Saloon is now up (link below). I'm feeling really grateful to be so warmly welcomed in as a regular at this "literary bar", and quite enjoying the hospitality--it's nice to be recognized for one's work, but also to make new friends. Anyway, I love editor Russell Streur's write up for the photo exhibit (thanks, Russell!):
Dear Saloonatics:

The Cocaine Museum, the Train Graveyard, the Guardian Bird and Grandmother Bowler.

Where do all the good things in life end up?


And the Camel Saloon is totally delighted today to announce the opening of a new photographic exhibition at the joint: a festive, colorful and all around lovely journey to La Paz, the Salt Flats and all points within shouting distance, created especially for the tavern by the festive, colorful and all around lovely Lauren Tivey.

Please dust off the hiking boots and go climbing with the Shanghai gypsy herself at:

And feel free to stop by the other photography exhibitions, too:

Asian Caravan by Jeffrey Miller:
Eye on Wales by Cath Barton:
Eye on England by Andrew Taylor:
Eye on the Mojave Desert by Steve Prsuky:

The Camel's advice for the day:  Drink up!

Russell Streur
Cool place, cool peeps, for sure.  Hope you enjoy the photos from Bolivia (brought back a lot of memories for me, and was quite fun to put together), and I urge you to check out all the awesome work, literary, photographic, and otherwise, at The Camel Saloon.  Cheers!

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