Friday, April 12, 2013

I Heart The Camel Saloon

Last night, I visited the The Camel Sports Bar (#1 Yueyang Lu, Xuhui, Shanghai), not only for some pub grub and beer, but to score a photo of the place via the request of Russell Streur, editor over at the literary journal, The Camel Saloon, which has/is publishing some of my poems. Anyway, the magazine showcases various shots of actual camels, but also camel-themed bars around the world, sent in by readers/contributors, so I joined the fun, and sent a couple of shots off to Russell, who's using one of them as the journal's new masthead. Pretty cool!  Here's the shot:

Also cool is that my 2011 chapbook, The Breakdown Atlas & Other Poems, is now listed in The Camel Saloon Bookstore, with a link to purchase at Big Table Publishing. Awesome! Please head on over to this literary watering hole, to read some work by its very talented writers, peruse the photos from around the world, and perhaps submit some of your own work. I promise you will love the atmosphere, and enjoy a warm welcome from editor/barkeep extraordinaire, Russell Streur. Cheers!

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