Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Favorite Line

I love this line, from T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", one of my all-time favorite poems. I just covered it recently with my senior class. Not sure where this awesome photo came from, or I'd credit it.

Thailand Photo Set

Here's a link for another Flickr photo set of my travels through Thailand--from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to the Golden Triangle and briefly into Laos and up by the Burmese border, then down to the island of Ko Phi Phi, and the beaches of Railay. It's also available through the link on the side bar, if you want to check it out. Enjoy!

Thailand Photo Set

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Poem in The Blue Hour

This is my third poem with the lovely lit journal, The Blue Hour. "Flying Eaves" just went up today. Please check out this dreamy and beautiful online magazine if you have a chance--it's chock-full of wonderful work and photography. With special thanks to editors Susie Sweetland Garay and Moriah LaChapell. Link below:

Photo Galleries

Since I had such a good time putting together the Bolivian photo exhibit for The Camel Saloon last month, I decided to create photo galleries for all of my travels, and make them available here via Flickr sets. You can access them through the side bar under "Links to My Photo Galleries" (there are also links below). I don't know if anyone will be interested in these, but if so, travel highlights will be featured in each separate set, if you want to check them out. I've done six sets for China so far (yes, there are a lot--I've been here for a long time, and travelled all over the country!), but will soon finish sets for Paris, Slovenia, Peru, Mexico, Thailand, Tibet, Canada, and the States. I'll also add in the photos from my upcoming summer trip to Scotland, Italy, and Turkey later on. Cheers, and happy clicking/happy writing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Poem at The Blue Hour

My poem, "House of Light", which was written for I.M. Pei and his wonderful Suzhou Museum, is now up at the wonderful lit journal, The Blue Hour. A big thank you to editors Susie Sweetland Garay and Moriah LaChappell. Check them out, if you have a chance--link below:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Coolness Abounds at The Camel Saloon

Just heard that my poem, "Magnolias", published in The Camel Saloon this past April, was picked as an editor favorite (thanks, Russell!), to be placed in Volume 3 of their companion site, The Second Hump. This is great, as front page poems soon fall into the archival abyss, and don't get read much. You can check out my poem, and other poems by Laura Behr, Amy Soricelli, Brian Wake, Stephen Jarrell Williams, and Jeremy Marks, at this link:

Also, if you haven't already, check out The Camel Saloon main site here. I promise you'll love the fine mix of poetry, prose, photography, and other goodies, and enjoy a warm welcome from editor/barkeep Russell Streur. It's a real community over there, so please do visit them. I need to get back over there for a visit myself--it's been a crazy couple of weeks at work! Cheers, Lauren

Friday, May 3, 2013

30/30 Poems Coming Down

I'll be removing all the poems posted on here for the NaPoWriMo challenge last month--30 poems in 30 days--for further revision and possible submission to literary journals. I apologize, if you commented on any of these poems, because they'll be deleted. It's important to revise them though. Also, many journals won't accept work that appears anywhere online, even if it's on a personal blog. Anyway, it's been a fun challenge, and I got a lot of good pieces out of it. Now, back to writing...

P.S. This is my 100th blog post. Wasn't sure I'd stick with this when I got started (yay, me!).

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Split Lip Anthology

Just found out that Split Lip Magazine has put together a print anthology of some favorite poetry and prose from their first five editions. My poem, "The Breakdown Atlas" is in there (very cool--I haven't been in actual print for years, other than my chap). It will be available in select bookstores in Indianapolis, Chicago, L.A., and beyond, and also for sale on Split Lip's website in a couple of weeks, which I'll post then. If you'd like to order a copy now at the temporarily reduced price of $4.00, you can do so here. Below, a shot of the ridiculously cool cover:

Some featured writers: Michael Martone, Alexis Pope, Kristina Marie Darling, and Scott Siders. I urge you to check it out, and maybe purchase a copy. A big thanks to editor J. Scott Bugher for including me!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Poem at Split Lip Magazine

A great way to start the month--my long poem, "The Breakdown Atlas", is now posted in Split Lip Magazine's brand-spanking-new May/June issue. A big thank you to editor J. Scott Bugher--GREAT issue, and I'm honored to be a part of it. Check out all the awesome poetry, fiction, art, music, and film at the link below:!5-lauren-tivey/c1dl0