Saturday, April 13, 2013

Acceptance at Split Lip

Finally, the title poem to my chapbook, The Breakdown Atlas & Other Poems, which came out in 2011, from Big Table Publishing, finds a home with Split Lip Magazine. I've been trying to get the poem itself, "The Breakdown Atlas", published in a literary journal for two years now, as my chapbook has had little exposure, and I really think this poem needs a wider audience. It's long though, in four parts, for a total of 36 stanzas, and I think that put a lot of editors off.  But now, the gang over at Split Lip has picked it up for the May-June issue. Awesome! It's a great magazine, with a cool editor, a nice, clean website that's easy to navigate, featuring poetry, fiction, music, fine art, and film, and it also has some interviews and articles. I'm looking forward to being a part of it. You can check them out at the link, here:


  1. Read your poem at Split Lip and wanted to reach out with thanks. As an American poet living in Taipei, it was both resonant and darkly comforting to read. From "another invader with western epiphanies," sincerest gratitude for your work.

    1. Jessica, thanks so much for the read & comments. I sometimes wonder if anyone ever sees them. I don't know any other poets over here in Asia, and would like to connect. Do you have a blog?