Friday, May 10, 2013

Coolness Abounds at The Camel Saloon

Just heard that my poem, "Magnolias", published in The Camel Saloon this past April, was picked as an editor favorite (thanks, Russell!), to be placed in Volume 3 of their companion site, The Second Hump. This is great, as front page poems soon fall into the archival abyss, and don't get read much. You can check out my poem, and other poems by Laura Behr, Amy Soricelli, Brian Wake, Stephen Jarrell Williams, and Jeremy Marks, at this link:

Also, if you haven't already, check out The Camel Saloon main site here. I promise you'll love the fine mix of poetry, prose, photography, and other goodies, and enjoy a warm welcome from editor/barkeep Russell Streur. It's a real community over there, so please do visit them. I need to get back over there for a visit myself--it's been a crazy couple of weeks at work! Cheers, Lauren

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