Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I thought I'd start a poetry blog, not only to track my publications and upcoming chapbook release, but to create a space where I could share poems and craft-related business, and possibly connect with others in the field.  I've been writing poetry seriously for about fifteen years (yes, I still learn something new everyday!), and a lot of my prior publications were in print, in such places as Medicinal Purposes, Red Owl, Sahara, Candlelight Poetry Journal, Timber Creek Review, and Sierra Nevada Review, among others (there's a link list of my current online publications here on the blog).  I've done the Open Mic circuit, and given many other public readings, and admittedly, this is not an aspect of being a poet that I particularly enjoy, but I do it, because I think it's important to get the words out there.

A little about me, personally:  I was born in Lowell, Massachusetts (that's right~Kerouac's hometown), and later lived in New Hampshire, Vermont, Colorado, California, and Florida.  Internationally, I've lived in Italy, Peru, and now China.  Like many writers and poets, I've held a number of weird jobs:  forklift operator, museum attendant, paralegal, pizza delivery driver, real estate agent, secretary, landscaper, human services, and now, teacher.  Crazy, right?  But as a single mom, I had to make ends meet, so I worked whatever job was available, and I worked hard, attending college at the same time, eventually receiving my MFA in Poetry in 2008.  With my girls now grown, I've embarked on the dream of a lifetime, and spend my time traveling, teaching, writing, and taking photographs.  Luckily, I have my fiancé (a.k.a. best friend, cheerleader, partner-in-crime), Gerard, along for the ride.  Life is just downright peachy.

Anyway, here's a start.  Let's see how long I can keep this up. 


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