Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chapbook Going to Print

Well, I've heard from Robin Stratton, the editor of Big Table Publishing Company:  after many emails back and forth for revisions, I've gotten the final, electronic galley of The Breakdown Atlas & other poems.  I've gotta say~it looks great!  The cover has the old world map that I posted a photo of earlier, and the blurbs are on the back cover, along with my very first ISBN# (kinda cool, no?).  There's an acknowledgments page, an author bio, table of contents, and cover sheet, and 22 poems (which cover a total of 39 pages).  Next thing we do is go to print!  The book will be ready for my arrival in the U.S. next month, after which, I can sell my little heart out.  Of course, copies will be available from the publisher as well, and on amazon.com, and I'll post those links as they become available.  This whole process, and working with Robin, has been quite easy~she's a great editor, and hasn't complained once about all my picky, minor changes.  So, here we go!  Do I sound excited? 

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