Saturday, June 15, 2013

On Hiatus

Photo by Gypsy's Ethereal Soul

I adore this photograph--it was totally me as a kid, and it's totally me NOW--I'm glad I haven't lost that wandering, dancing little spirit within. Anyway, I'll be leaving for summer travel soon, so I won't be updating the blog much. I may upload a photo or two from some literary sites I visit (such as Shelley's grave in Rome), and will post a quick note if I get a lit journal acceptance, but other than that, this blog will be pretty quiet until around September. I don't write much while traveling, other than taking notes--that comes after, when I have time for reflection. I never finished all the photo sets I promised, either! Guess September will be a busy time, as usual (but in an entirely different way). Now, time to don my gypsy traveling shoes, and set off into the world again. Have a great summer, everyone.

Peace and Love,

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